Unlock Windows with Phone Fingerprint Scanner

Unlock Windows with Phone Fingerprint Scanner

I love fingerprint sensors! I mean, who doesn’t?

Although many phones have an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, most of the PCs (specifically laptops) don’t have it. But Don’t Worry! Because there are many ways to use a fingerprint sensor on a laptop which doesn’t have one.

The most efficient ways are :-

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How to Unlock Windows with phone fingerprint scanner?

To unlock a Macbook with an iPhone, there are multiple apps (like MacID). But unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Windows and Android because even if there are ways, they are just unreliable when compared with Apple ecosystem. Hence, I started looking for a reliable way and finally, found one (thanks to Andrew-X).


  • A Windows Laptop with WiFi
  • An Android phone with a fingerprint sensor

Note :- Laptop and Android both should be on the same WiFi network. (You can use Hotspot)


1 :- On your laptop, download this module (For 32-Bit : x86 | for 64-Bit : x64).

2 :- Install it.

3 :- Give the firewall permission.

4 :- On your Android, download this app.

5 :- Make sure phone and laptop are connected via WiFi & then open the app.

6 :- Scan (Swipe down or click on the scan button)

7 :- You’ll see your computer’s name. Click on it & save.

8 :- Click on ‘Add Account’, tap your fingerprint and insert the email and password of your Windows’ account (Password and not PIN)

9 :- Save it.

10 :- On the laptop, Press Win+L (It’ll lock your laptop).

12 :- Now press Space-bar & you’ll see a ‘Fingerprint Unlock’ option on the bottom left corner on the lock screen. Click on it. (You have to do it only for the first time)

13 :- Open the app on your phone and tap your fingerprint.

Note :- Everytime you’re on the lock screen (Login Screen), just open the app and tap fingerprint.

That’s it! Hope it helps!

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