Do you really need Antivirus in 2018?

Do you really need Antivirus in 2018?

There was a time in my life when I used pen-drives to share files. I remember that I only shared my files with the people having an Antivirus Program installed in their computers, in order to save my computer from viruses. Many people still do this. They spend money every year on antivirus. But the question here is, do they really need to?

The answer : Well, it depends on the situation.

The only 2 factors to consider are :-

  • Which operating system do you use?
  • How frequently do you update it?

1. Which operating system do you use?

OS like Linux/ Mac OS :- If you use Linux, Mac OS or operating systems like Chrome OS, you don’t even need to worry about virus and malware as compared to Windows’ users. The reason is that Windows have a majority user base of around 84-85%. Mac OS have a user base of around 14-15% and the rest of the computers use Linux and other operating systems like Chrome OS. Hence, the target of virus and malware is mainly Windows. If you’re not a Windows user, you don’t need to use third party Antivirus at all.

Windows :- As you know, Windows is the majorly used OS across the globe, it is quite vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. But Windows Defender is pre-installed as well as enabled in all new versions of Windows. It does a pretty descent job as an antivirus. In fact, sometimes third party antiviruses can create problems such as slow startup. And they can also delete necessary system files sometimes causing major problems. I recommend using Windows Defender over any other antivirus. But, if you use the old versions of Windows like Windows XP, you should really consider using an antivirus other than Windows Defender because of it’s discontinued support.

Note :- If you’re using Android or iOS in your phone, you don’t need to use an antivirus as long as you don’t install apps from third party sources. Also, rooted/jailbroken phones are vulnerable to virus/malware attacks.

2. How frequently do you update your operating system?

If you’re using new versions of Windows and also using Windows Defender, you need to keep your system up to date in order to protect your PC from viruses. At least update the virus definitions of Windows Defender. If you do it, you don’t need to buy an antivirus.

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Bottom Line?

You don’t need an antivirus unless you’re using a really old version of Windows.

Hope it Helps!

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